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Welcome to Barai.Org is the personal website of Shri Mansukhbhai N Barai- Social & Political leader of Dwarka and Okha region of Gujarat. He is ex-president of Okha Gram Panchayat, and presently holds many positions in diffrent capacities in political & social organisations including President of All India Barai Family. Find More


Latest Developments:
Shri Jalaram Bhojanalaya Hall - Surajkaradi - Mithapur.

Puja Jalaram Bapa is considered as forefather of our community. "Deneko Tukda Bhala - Lene ko Hari Naam" is the mantra he did practice during his entire life and it is even relevant even today after 200+ years! While the holy temple of Virpur in the district of Rajkot is the prime point of Jalaram Bapa's worship, each and every corner of the world where ever  lohana community has its presence, have constructed Jalaram Temple to their town & Cities. Surajkaradi Town of Dwarka in Jamnagar District is the latest addition to the list. Shri Jalaram Bhojanalaya Hall construction work is going on and your contribution will greatly appreciated. Find More